Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

Who Suffers For Who

You know what, I suffer for anyone, I cry for someone.
The happy day has dissipated, the situation of the state of mind
only the ashes remain.
I want to cry for the blue sky
That my love is like that
Soon to be dark, mercifully merciful
not yet to fall apart.

In the old days of each other, the two children sang love songs.
On the first day of each other, he took me home
Gentle water moon, the first day of each other
charming flavor.
Today I have to give up each other, the empty and sadly sad soup.
I have to give up each other, forget the first time I love.
Silver moon, people have to leave people
like smog after the train.

Do you know me, how do you sleep in peace?
Many times try to forget but only add to it
Yesterday's cuddling did not erase sadness today.
People live together when they have run out of drunkenness.
Leaving grief and love, love each other
Why should I suffer each other?

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