Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

The pain is getting bigger and bigger

Love someone without sadness
Loving someone is time to let go
Well, you have to stand up, the diary is gone
Saying what to do is even more painful

If you turn the time to the beginning, to say that this guy remembers it
Very lonely girl, why not cling
To lose a person just because of heartlessness

There are things that he wants to say, it's not too late in time
There are things that he used to ignore, and dreams of many people
It was because of his pain that came to life
When love just like that
Break up when I grow up

Whenever I was sad, I kept crying, crying loudly every time I heard it
Every time pain hurts, I tear it apart because I still love you so much
The time line will pass so you can see that
When we break up, we will not know where we were wrong (head)

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