Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

The Leaf of Me Bay

Look at me leaf fly remember the two of us
That day I met each other with little love in my hair
Eyes are innocent, sunny flowers are full
Beautiful like flying tamarind leaves, so my love is lent

We love each other in this way
Each leaf of me flies in the heels of drunken butterflies
Sunflowers are blooming, on her cheeks
Beautiful like me leaves falling in the sky of blue dreams

We are far apart
At summer, the sad pho falls
The city of the smoke-filled city
Love zone ...

Fall high
Knowing that the lover is looking forward
Please understand
Fire burns the homeland ...

Now far away from the memories, please wave
The area of tamarind leaves flies for five long months to remember
I tried to forget, remember what to do
Love like tamarind leaves falls on the stream of the sea

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