Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

Right People Right Time

I said you need your hands today
Embrace me and take me to thousands of clouds
Today, temporarily stop the daily worries
As long as I sit with him, he can go anywhere
If one day he was not like he had expected
Can't hug the world, do you love?
Because he hugged every tiny heart of his beloved
Have you as warm as an adventure song
I keep each other really well if I go
All storms pass when the heart follows reason
Now the cold winter wind just loves the mind and he and the sunshine yellow
Warm together to make me feel more loving
My job is to love you with thunderstorms and let me worry
Promising to dispel the dark clouds but peace when you are with me
Find me who I love when I love like the late afternoon sun
From now on, I will make life better than many things

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