Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

Resuming Love

Come here together, we resume the old love
Love story that over the years, I packed each anniversary
Fading the old road, the afternoon dating pouring rain
The rain wet my shoulders, I felt my heart hurt.

In the autumn of the year, I met you
I thought I knew each other, when I knew it, I loved it
Sometimes hearts wait for each other, promising the eternal winter
Cold frost my lips, why do I find my heart ice.

But I didn't expect fate to divide
My life is two ways, I'm cold in the sky alone
And you play with, the days of helplessness in the remote area
Every time, sadness has never calmed down.

Winter night is long, afraid that you miss the fade
Love comes to heaven forever, I will cry all my life
My dear, because I think the future is going back to dreaming
Old stories will be in the past, will fade.

Then after the rain, the storm will pass
The sky is beautiful and the sky is green, shining all the way around his way
Swallows bring spring, blurring the pain of the old year
I will go to you, I will warm my heart.

A moonlit night, earnestly love the old people
I weave the trade season last year, the old sex does not fade
I resumed the old love, lived the eternal winter
Birds swallow about tumult, we see that life still has each other.

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