Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

Rainfall Border

Where did you go to the rain in the border?
Stars still stand in front of Giang.
Behold, the forest is drenched and drenched,
Waiting for people to be happy in the cold,
He is helpless.
His love follows the wild drifting cloud,
The moon still has some flowers that are not dead.
Flag of the afternoon flying fluttering,
This suggestion pitifully missed the blue sky.

Night night the shadow in the sky,
The moon split in a single image.
Far away bird flocks the sky,
A cloud of water for the heart of anyone who loves to remember.
Where are you, rain, this afternoon.
The back of the sky remembers the pink clouds.
Road of lonely afternoon forest shadow,
People find out in a warm shirt evokes far away.
People go to the war zone of the rear.
The color of the shirt sent away from the school.
The ceiling is also silk king Khanh,
Then there is a lot of wind in the rain and wind.

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