Viet Nam Lyrics English translation


Little lover, from that east when you hear spring, do you remember me?
On the way wandering, first time together
he was anxious to take care of the minute of dissolution

In the middle of a new happy day, the love affair is over
He sounded like he had buried himself far away
Deep hole time bitter
Will bring me back to the grave

I love the day before, I miss my love
In a helplessness he dreamed once more of the unfinished
Do you know me, love broke up?
He brought his soul into the sun

What has not been said though the last words
I want to bring with me forever in my heart
I am the star, why is on high
Many flowers hope for a little grace

Knowing love is not the way to find hurt
Far from each other to avoid silently surprised
A beautiful dream through love
He hoped for thousands of love after not erasing

I love the day before, I miss my love.

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