Viet Nam Lyrics English translation


The part is a girl, not once has anyone loved
Looking to the future but it feels like a long river
The scene of the lonely house, the unbelievably large siblings with heavy shoulders
My mother and I love you by finding someone to marry you
I wish you could park a boat
Love couples have not been attached
Afraid of people coming to me crying after all the advice

I don't love how I know it
Know in love like
How deep is the river?
The hearts of people who know have long
Through all the time living in peace
Miss love, people sow left horizontal
Depth depending on the river how to look
Do not dump the port to know where the opaque in

Then people come along with their relatives
One day should be one step, so you should be a gentle wife
Leaving behind her bewildered sisters stood looking sad and sad
Parents are more happy and tears are overflowing
Ask your darling to live with your husband's family
Step through the river and ask each wave
Can a girl's life not love anyone?

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