Viet Nam Lyrics English translation

Ending relationship

Say hello to each other, goodbye
The sad day came here the moment I was away from people
Love has creased, I have stopped each other
I know where my life will go from here

The road in the past was cold in the afternoon
Any word promised to save extra money
He loved someone, and he loved me
People do not know that this heart is broken

Loving each other beautiful in the first minute
Thought is lasting, whoever knows the last part of the pain
Through the days and days here and there
Who are you happy with, but I'm not good
The shield for me is when I gave it to you
My whole life now has been exchanged for loneliness
Well, please laugh, be happy with you
I myself will find a place to live

Expect how much to get anything
The more people hold on, the more miserable they cause
Well, I have to get rid of me
Let me cry and laugh without bitter lips
My love path is going into the separation
There is no meaning because there is no love
He passed by, who had forgotten me
Leaving me to stand in the wrong direction in my life

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